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About Us

Walsh & Associates Professional Safety Services is an integrated, multi-professional team of safety practitioners dedicated to excellence in Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety.  We are a locally based consulting firm with offices in Belleville and Kingston.  Being local means we can respond in a timely manner to the client’s needs and concerns. Please complete the intake form under Contact Us with any questions you may have about our services.

Our primary team of professionals includes:


Krista Thompson MHSc, ROH                                                 Shaena Dearman R. Kin (Bsc)

Health & Safety Specialist                                                           Health & Safety Specialist

& Industrial Hygienist                                                                   Ergonomist & Registered Kinesiologist


Lisa Lynn, CRSP                                                                        Liz Grant BSc. PT. CAMP

Safety Specialist                                                                         Registered Physiotherapist


Dave Rice BA                                                                               Ron J. Walsh MD, DOHS, FCBOM

Safety Manager/Consultant                                                       Occupational Physician


Norma Collins RN                                                                    

Facilitator/Direct of Client Services                                       

Kathy Walsh

Administrative Assistant