Professional Safety Services

The Safety Professionals at Walsh & Associates believe we can improve the quality of peoples’ lives in a meaningful way, improving their performance and the performance of the organizations they work for.

                                                   Our approach, is to work with committed employers by creating a client-centric                                                                                           HEALTH AND SAFETY HUMAN PERFORMANCE SYSTEM

The individualized Health and Safety Human Performance program is built upon 4 main pillars for success:

       1. Leadership

      2. Operational Management Systems

       3. Occupational Safety

      4. Walsh & Associates Professional Safety Services Team


What makes Walsh & Associates unique is our flexibility and innovation to tailor practical, results driven solutions to the challenges in todays, dynamic workplace.  Our team of Safety Professionals are experienced in a multiple work environments and management systems.  In addition, we are fully supported by an extensive, in-house medical team of physicians and nurses, certified subject matter experts including Industrial Hygienist and Kinesiologists.  Our holistic approach focused on mind, body, behavior, and facility, coupled with multi-tiered model approach allows our partners to customize services to meet their needs.

Safety and Health is a priority in our approach in resolving business challenges, however, singular focus on compliance methods have proven insufficient to sustain high levels of performance.  Health and Safety Human Performance will provide the framework to integrate safety and health into all facets of the business leading to long term success.