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Respirator Fit Testing

A respirator or "tight-fitting filtering face-piece” is designed to prevent inhalable hazards (airborne particulates, chemicals or biologicals). Any staff required to wear a respirator during performance of their work duties, or as emergency responders, must be fit tested to ensure an optimal fit and effective seal; this fit test must be repeated at least every 2 years.  Our staff are fully trained to offer fit testing for disposable (N95), *half-face or *full-face respirators using "qualitative” (taste sensation using a challenge agent) or quantitative (Portacount®) methods and in accordance with CSA Standard Z94.4-11. Other respiratory services may include respiratory evaluation and pulmonary function, hazard analysis and controls, policy and program development and review, and training on selection, care, use and maintenance of respirators.

(* at this time half-face and full-face testing available only by qualitative method)