Respiratory Protection Program | Professional Safety Services

Respiratory Protection Program

A respirator or "tight-fitting filtering face-piece” is designed to prevent exposure to airborne hazards, including airborne particulates (dust), chemicals and/or biological agents (mould, viruses, bacteria). Any staff required to wear a respirator during performance of their work duties, including emergency responders, must be fit tested to ensure an optimal fit and effective seal. Fit testing must be repeated at least every 2 years in order to demonstrate compliance with CSA Standard Z94.4-11. Walsh & Associates Professional Safety Services staff are fully trained to offer fit testing for disposable (such as N95), half-face, and full-face respirators using "qualitative” (taste sensation using a challenge agent) or quantitative (Portacount®) methods and in accordance with CSA Standard Z94.4-11.

Other respiratory services are available, including respiratory evaluation and pulmonary function testing (PFT), hazard analysis and controls, policy and program development and review, and training on selection, care, use and maintenance of respirators.